Heart Music Group represents the interests of NZ Artists. It was born out of a need for musicians to receive a sustainable income for their art. 

The music industry previously relied on record sales and music royalty payments. But, the music industry has been shaken up by tech giants such as Napster and LimeWire who allow peer-to-peer file sharing of music without paying artists a cent. In more recent times, streaming services have taken over the music industry and pay only $0.003 or less per play! 

At Heart Music Group, we want to create a change in the music industry for good! 

We do this through helping independent self funded artists to ensure they are being paid for plays of their songs in commercial settings.


On top of this, we run a private membership for the private music consumer.  When you become a paid member you will gain access to our artists exclusive content through our private FB membership "The Audience", as well as the right to vote for which artist you want to see receive our regular artist investment. On top of this, you get to know you are contributing directly to musicians careers and a step towards fairness in the NZ music industry.

Any commercial licensing of any Heart Music Group mechanical, or compositional works are subject to our terms and conditions.

- Standard annual license fee for master recordings $650,000 per annum.

- Composition additional $650,000 per annum.

 Any license carried out in breach of these terms will be subject to our standard rates as listed above.